GPTR 2012

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22nd August, Wednesday. Today we have our annual big event here: GPTR (Great Place to Run)! Again, I signed up for the 5K run like last year. However, due to having cold and not yet fully recover, I can’t really participate in the run. 🙁 So, instead of doing the run, I basically just go there for a walk and take some photos.


My First Ever NBA…

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11th of April, Wednesday. Tonight I finally got a chance to watch my first ever NBA match: Portland Blazers vs. Golden State Warriors! 🙂 I got the free tickets from my company’s GPTW events. Anyway, this is my first NBA live match @ Portland, Rose Garden Arena. Well, I am not really a NBA fans, but watching live match was completely different than watching on TV. You got to ‘feel’ the crowds, the shouts, and not to forget those funny ‘supporting’ clips that they put on the LED panel whenever the host team scored. It was a good match though, because everyone got free ‘Chalupas‘ from TacoBell as long as Blazers scored over 100 points. 🙂 GG!

Portland Baroque Orchestra

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25th of March, Sunday. Today I attended my first ever Orchestra @ Kaul Auditorium, Reed College. How I got the ticket? Well, I got it free from my colleagues because they were so lucky being selected for the GPTW event. Honestly, I always wanted to experience the real “Orchestra” feel since long time ago. I think it’s kind of hard to have this event back in Penang, now I got the chance, definitely I won’t miss this. 😉


Indoor Adrenaline Rush!

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9th of March, Friday. Despite tons of works pending for completion, we tried to relax ourselves today, and had our first ever “personal teambuilding” (only our team, 9 peoples) event today. Well, thanks to my team-mate, who actually came from Israel, suddenly came up with this great idea of having a teambuilding in this indoor racing center: SyKart. It was so much fun!


Bersih 3.0, GPTR in Hillsboro, Portland

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八月三十一日,星期三。今天是馬來西亞的國慶日。為了要慶祝這特別的節日,我參與了這裡所舉辦的“淨跑”。:P 為何叫“淨跑”?看看這活動所制定的T恤就知道了,黃色!還是在國慶日這天!這就是為馬來西亞所舉辦的“淨跑”!