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My apartment :)1st of September, Saturday. I’ve been sick for the past week. >.< So, my 'adventure' to the central Oregon need to be delayed. Ah, we only have very short summer over here. That's what made me worried. >.< However, for the past few days, I still insists to stroll around Hillsboro for some sunset shots. These few days are the 'rare' long holidays for American, because Monday is our Labor Day, and most people will go far away for road trip or whatever, but I'll need to rest myself enough at home. 🙁
九月一日,星期六。我已经生病了整一个星期了,时好时坏,还真的蛮纳闷。>.< 最闷的就是我到俄勒冈中部的探险之旅被逼延期了。这里的夏天就要结束了,我还蛮担心没机会拍到好照片了。所以,过去几天,就算生病也好,也会乘机到四周逛逛,顺便练习拍一下黄昏。这几天是美国难得的公共假期,星期一就是劳动节,所以很多人都会去比较远的地方旅行,而我就只能在家休息,真的很可惜。:( Anyway, these are the shots that I got from around Hillsboro. Kind of satisfy with the colours and clouds. Especially the one with 'fire' like effects. Hillsboro is a beautiful small village that'll surprise you sometimes with some scenery like this. 🙂 不过,在家也好,可以多看多学,嘻嘻。这里就是我最近的得意之作:俄勒冈的黄昏。真的很喜欢这里的天空,有时可以看到它变幻无穷的颜色,还有云朵,黄昏,真的无限好啊。:) *These are the results of my learning on Multiple Exposures Blending. Not bad huh. 🙂

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One day, CooKies received an assignment to make the best peanut butter in the world. Hence, he decided to runaway to this place: Hillsboro, OREGON in US, for an estimated of 365days to complete his assignment. There are a lot of tough nuts over there, but he believes that: "Tough nuts always make the best peanut butter!" :)

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  • HB


    The sky colors really solid, the first one everything looked very clear and solid le


    • CooKies™


      oh…it’s multiple exposures ma… 😉


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