Indoor Adrenaline Rush!

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9th of March, Friday. Despite tons of works pending for completion, we tried to relax ourselves today, and had our first ever “personal teambuilding” (only our team, 9 peoples) event today. Well, thanks to my team-mate, who actually came from Israel, suddenly came up with this great idea of having a teambuilding in this indoor racing center: SyKart. It was so much fun!


We had 2 rounds of races, each round was 10minutes, no laps limit, you just rush as many laps as you can, and of course as FAST as you can! Out of 9 peoples, I got #6, which I considered quite good already. (Not last one what) 😛 After the second round, I kind of found the ‘trick’ for the race, you need to maintain your speed and keep it going all the way, including turns, overtaking people and so on. Only by that you’ll get the best lap time. I wasted too much time on drifting, 😛 so yea, next time I’ll aim for best lap time. 😉

我們一共在這室內賽車場進行了兩回合,每一回合是十分鐘,沒有圈數限制,就只有時限十分鐘,看你能夠在十分鐘裡面跑多快。在九個人裡面,我跑第六,算不錯了啦。:P 其實我也是在第二圈才開始明白這遊戲的訣竅:就是不可以盲目的衝,重要的是要維持速度,不管是轉彎或者超車,一定要讓跑車能夠用最快的速度跑完整圈。而我呢,就貪玩,一味地衝,還時不時在轉彎的時候玩“飄移”,哈哈,下次我應該會跑得比較好吧。;)

Fastest Lap: 30.416, average: 31.533, not bad lah. :P

After the karting, we went for a dinner @ Benihana, a very special Japanese Restaurant. They serve customers with Teppanyaki food. And, the chef likes to ‘play’ with the foods you ordered, giving you a totally different dining experience. Not bad, Teppanyaki, not bad… 😉



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