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Indoor Adrenaline Rush!

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9th of March, Friday. Despite tons of works pending for completion, we tried to relax ourselves today, and had our first ever “personal teambuilding” (only our team, 9 peoples) event today. Well, thanks to my team-mate, who actually came from Israel, suddenly came up with this great idea of having a teambuilding in this indoor racing center: SyKart. It was so much fun!


The 2nd Day of Hillsboro

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It was a busy day for me as I need to rush here and there to settle my stuff. First, it was regarding my house. Initially I asked the housing agent to subscribe the Internet service for me so that when I reached there I can right away online to contact my family & friends. But it end up I did not get it in my house, and my colleague who did not request it got it ready in his house. I guessed they got mixed up both of us. Some more, I did not bring any telephone over here, and actually the house phone service was already there, just that without telephone, i can’t make any call. =.= My colleague was so smart that he brought his own cordless phone. So, i went to his house to call up the agent, clarified everything, and also called up the airport people, to make sure that my baggage were there before I go to collect it.