Chasing Milky Way

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Nice angle with milky way on top, but too bad not enough range17th of August, Friday. Tonight after having dinner with my boss from Penang, I decided to go Trillium Lake for another try of night photography. 🙂 Since my last visit, I always wanted to do more night photography, especially with milky way. So, without thinking twice, I packed my stuff and headed there straight away!


Well, it’s summer now. So, the temperature wasn’t cold at all. Even when I reached there, it was already 12am midnight. 😛 The sky was so clear, another stary stary night here with Trillium Lake. 🙂 I was actually all alone when I reached there, but there was another guy came for stars shooting as well after a few minutes. Although he stayed only like 30minutes, and went to Timberline Lodge afterwards. I think next round I should go Timberline Lodge for a try. 🙂

Anyway, here are the shots that being processed. Milky way is there, but the time lapse is having some issue with color casts, and noise. >.< Not a good one, but at least I learnt something on light painting. 😉 这里就放上一些拍摄的成果吧。那银河系的微时拍摄,有很多的杂讯和颜色的变异,要真正拍到很完美的夜空还真的很不容易。现在也终于明白为何他们都有比较好的镜头了,果然工欲善其事,必先利其器。;) [gallery include="2438,2436" size="thumbnail" link="file" linkclass="lightbox" template="file-gallery" columns="5"]

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  • Han


    I don;t see any cloud in the picture. It should be perfect for capturing stars. How long you set for the camera to capture it?


    • CooKies™


      Lol, the clouds only came in around 2.30am. You can see that in the timelapse video. I used 25seconds, 3200ISO for the shots. Very noisy and not sharp at all. Kind of tempted to buy fish lens, but thinking of the commitments I have now… >.< still kit lens enough. haha


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