My Last Autumn in Oregon :(

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3rd November, Saturday. Two more days it’ll be officially my second year in Oregon. I can still vividly remember back in year 2010, the day I touched down @Portland on 5th of November, with so many complicated emotions, yet today I am still amazed that I’ve been here for good 2 years! o.O


Another visit to Crater Lake

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After 30mins hike, a shot from Watchman tower15th of September, Saturday. Out of the blue, I visited the most amazing lake of Oregon again. And yes, it was a five hours drive from Hillsboro to Crater Lake. I didn’t plan much on this trip, just follow my mood, look around, and shoot some photos of-course. Nothing much to note here, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. 🙂


Sunset Mood

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My apartment :)1st of September, Saturday. I’ve been sick for the past week. >.< So, my 'adventure' to the central Oregon need to be delayed. Ah, we only have very short summer over here. That's what made me worried. >.< However, for the past few days, I still insists to stroll around Hillsboro for some sunset shots. These few days are the 'rare' long holidays for American, because Monday is our Labor Day, and most people will go far away for road trip or whatever, but I'll need to rest myself enough at home. 🙁

I felt ‘Penang’ here…

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Too hot for us!16th August, 2012. Thursday. I’ve been here in Oregon for a year and 9 months. But these whole week is a remarkable one. Why? Because just today, our temperature hits 97Fahrenheit (around 36 celsius)!

The Most Unique Road…

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Rowena Crest30th of June, Saturday. Today’s weather is cloudy, but still I wanted to relax myself a bit, so I visited this scenic state park of Oregon: Rowena Crest. It is actually the upper portion of Mayer State Park. From there you can see the scenic Columbia River Gorge as well. A very nice place to stroll around.

I also took the McCall Point Trail, hike like 2-3miles up the hill. I actually expecting to see some beautiful wild flowers along the trail, but too bad I was too late. The blooming season is over. 🙁 Only some purple flowers can be seen.