The Lake of Oregon

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27th of May, 2012. After so many National Parks, finally we decided to visit this awesome national park of Oregon: Crater Lake National Park. 🙂

五月二十七日,星期日。去過了那麼多其他州的國家公園後,今天我們來到了俄勒岡州著名的國家公園:火山口湖(Crater Lake)國家公園。

Crater Lake (panorama view)

Honestly, so far it is the biggest lake that I’d ever seen. It’s also the most beautiful and peaceful lake that I could imagine. We stay in the Crater Lake Lodge, which is just in front of the lake. The view is just awesome. Actually it was still too early to visit Crater Lake, because the lake was covered by a thin layer of ice, you won’t be able to see the full reflection of the mountains and sky. At night, if you’re lucky, you should be able to see the beautiful milky way on the sky without any special equipment. We’re not that lucky, but still we were able to witness the beautiful of Crater Lake’s night sky full of stars. 🙂 Crater Lake, a must visit national park out of so many.


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