Last Road Trip of 2012…

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12th of December, Wednesday. December is my favorite month, although it’s cold, chilly, rainy over here, still, I like December the most. 😛 Anyway, since this will be the last month I’ll be here in the states, I planned this very last road trip. Besides visiting some nice places, also taking this opportunity to visit some friends in CA. Starting from Hillsboro, drove almost 10 hours to Redwood National Park, San Jose, Santa Clara, all the way down to Los Angeles, visiting Universal Studio again (because of free entry on annual pass), and then stopped by Folsom, going up to Lake Tahoe, and then come back. 🙂

The Lake of Oregon

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Crater Lake (panorama view)

27th of May, 2012. After so many National Parks, finally we decided to visit this awesome national park of Oregon: Crater Lake National Park. 🙂

五月二十七日,星期日。去過了那麼多其他州的國家公園後,今天我們來到了俄勒岡州著名的國家公園:火山口湖(Crater Lake)國家公園。

The Journey of Wonders…

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22th of April, Sunday. This is the day, that we’re going to start our journey, yes, I called it Journey of Wonders. Why? Because we’re going to witness a lot of wonderful and amazing scenery along our journey. 🙂 Well, in fact, due to National Park Week, I sort of planned this trip in 2 days. 😛


Mount St. Helens

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20th August, Saturday. Right after the Pre-Wedding shooting, I joined them for a trip to the Mount St. Helens. Mount St. Helens is an active stratovolcano located in Washington, which is about 3hours away from Hillsboro.

Oregon Coast Trip

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25th of June, Saturday. Summer is here, and Oregon is full of summer events and activities. You can’t imagine how Americans love summer. One of it is this: Kite Festival @ Lincoln City! This is also the second time I went to Oregon west coast. It’s a 2hours drive from Hillsboro though.