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My Last Autumn in Oregon :(

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3rd November, Saturday. Two more days it’ll be officially my second year in Oregon. I can still vividly remember back in year 2010, the day I touched down @Portland on 5th of November, with so many complicated emotions, yet today I am still amazed that I’ve been here for good 2 years! o.O


A Night in Trillium Lake

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13th of July, Friday. After last week’s experience on shooting stars, tonight I decided to go somewhere far away from city: Trillium Lake. 🙂 It’s almost a 2hour drive from my house, but since the weather is so nice, I should be able to get some good shots there.


The Most Unique Road…

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Rowena Crest30th of June, Saturday. Today’s weather is cloudy, but still I wanted to relax myself a bit, so I visited this scenic state park of Oregon: Rowena Crest. It is actually the upper portion of Mayer State Park. From there you can see the scenic Columbia River Gorge as well. A very nice place to stroll around.

I also took the McCall Point Trail, hike like 2-3miles up the hill. I actually expecting to see some beautiful wild flowers along the trail, but too bad I was too late. The blooming season is over. 🙁 Only some purple flowers can be seen.

The Lake of Oregon

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Crater Lake (panorama view)

27th of May, 2012. After so many National Parks, finally we decided to visit this awesome national park of Oregon: Crater Lake National Park. 🙂

五月二十七日,星期日。去過了那麼多其他州的國家公園後,今天我們來到了俄勒岡州著名的國家公園:火山口湖(Crater Lake)國家公園。