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6th of July, Friday. Feeling fresh even though it’s late night. In fact I was planning for a midnight stars shooting around Hillsboro. I never did this before. But just wanted to give it a try. This is what I got after standing for an hour in the midnight at some ‘unknown’ location around Old Cornelius Pass Road in Hillsboro. 🙂


Little Stars Trail

Little Stars Trail @ Old Cornelius Pass Road, Hillsboro

I found that by stacking those sequence of photos together, the outcome is even better for stars without trail. 🙂
Stacked photo with stars without trails (over 40 shots)

The outcome is surprisingly better than I thought. The night sky is actually too bright with lights coming from the rising moon, and also houses around that area. So, I still need a better place without so much ‘light pollution’ to shoot more stars. However, being alone in the midst of the farm, listen to the sounds of the night, and enjoying the night breeze… really cool. 😛


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One day, CooKies received an assignment to make the best peanut butter in the world. Hence, he decided to runaway to this place: Hillsboro, OREGON in US, for an estimated of 365days to complete his assignment. There are a lot of tough nuts over there, but he believes that: "Tough nuts always make the best peanut butter!" :)

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  • NU


    OH….so nice leh, which farm u went to? izit regret din bring tripod when we go crater lake leh….


    • CooKies™


      yea lo…so sad lo…but i think that time I also don’t know how to shoot also. Now after research a bit, at least can shoot a bit. 😛


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