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Starry Starry Night

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6th of July, Friday. Feeling fresh even though it’s late night. In fact I was planning for a midnight stars shooting around Hillsboro. I never did this before. But just wanted to give it a try. This is what I got after standing for an hour in the midnight at some ‘unknown’ location around Old Cornelius Pass Road in Hillsboro. 🙂

The Black Friday Sales

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25th November 2010, Thursday. Today is Thanksgiving Day. So all of us here were off for 2 days, if including weekend, it’s a straight 4 days off. XD Anyway, I got nothing to do except relaxing at home, tidy up my stuff, and watched some dramas. Actually I already bought most of the stuff before that, so the sales don’t really attract me a lot. In fact, I just want to go there to see and ‘feel’ what is so call “Black Friday”. 😛

十一月二十五日,星期四。其實今天是感恩節,所以這裡的人都會有兩天的假期,如果加上週末就是四天連續放假。:P 不過,雖然是假期我也沒什麼地方去。哈哈,只是在家裡休息,整理屋子、電腦東西,還有看戲等等。其實,在今天晚上所謂的‘黑五’促銷雖然來勢洶洶,但是也沒什麼吸引我,因為我都已經在之前買了大多數的東西了。不過,基於難得,我也想到各促銷地方去看看和感受一下何謂“黑色星期五”,嘻嘻。所以,在六點左右,我就搭了同事的順風車到了Woodburn那裡去看看,結果到那裡時已經是人山人海了,應該說是車才對,因為很多車都還在外面塞著。畢竟真正的開放時間是晚上十點,但是七點就這麼塞車了,真的汗。。。而且,更恐怖的就是Coach的名牌店,老早就看到很多人(大多數女人)在那裡排隊,而且是繞著幾圈排著隊的那種哦,簡直就是讓我見識到何謂女人的名牌!

The Black Friday is on the way…

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“Black Friday”, this is the term that I’d learn over here recently. Do you know what it actually means? 😛 Initially I thought it was an ‘unfortune day’ for Americans, but it doesn’t really mean that. In fact, it seems to be a good day for them. Here are some FAQs that I’d copied from some sites, and of course a wiki: