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Saturday, 13th November 2010. After having my brunch, I started to walk around my housing area, taking photos, and enjoying the colds… It was really cold hence I can’t take much though.


I started with the balcony first, since I haven’t really introduce it yet. 🙂


The outside entrance. I am on second floor, building 11, i guess my no. is 7. So it combines to 1127. 🙂


Oh, here comes my car. A more detail views on it. Might be changing car soon if there is any compact car available for me. 😛


The surrounding of Seneca Village. Finally managed to find the swimming pool, gym room and also the mailbox room. *Somebody complains to me that my photos don’t have my face, so I put up one now. 😛


There is a show room near the leasing office. Really nice, but not really like what we have in actual. 😛


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  • Nu


    haha….who is somebody???



    • CooKies™


      oh…okok, i’ll try and see whether can make one, but don’t expect too much ya, you know my handcrafting was not that good though. 😛


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