Pre-Wedding Shoots

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20th August, Saturday. Today is a very challenging day for me. I had been invited by my friend to be their Pre-Wedding photographer. >.< Well, they actually got their 'formal' Pre-Wedding photos already, this time is just for 'casual' purposes. Anyway, for a rookie like me, I felt pressures. That's why I can't sleep well the night before. Have to read up some articles, researching on how people shoot Pre-Wedding photos, etc.
八月二十日,星期六。今天對我來說是個非常有挑戰性的日子。我很榮幸地被邀請充當我同事的攝影師。他們即將要會台灣辦婚宴了,所以需要一些比較特別和輕鬆的婚紗照,所以就想到要在美國拍一些輕鬆一點的照片,然後剪接了充當他們婚宴的幻燈片。奈何我這個初手,還真的很壓力,第一次幫人家拍婚紗照,超緊張的,前一天還不停上網參考人家的拍攝手法和技巧,根本就沒睡好。>.< 7am in the morning, I arrived at their house. After got everything setup, we went to the little park nearby, start shooting without much thinking. It was really hard for me to get a good combination of angle and light source. Brightness, shadows, depth of views, I still can't get them right. Now I truly know how hard it is to get a good photo. >.< But this is really a good learning for me, though it was very exhausting. T.T 第二天早上七點,就到達他們家。準備一切後,就到他們家附近的公園開始了“浩大”的拍攝工程。真的很難拍,我又沒什麼技巧,公園樹木多,陰影多,太陽又曬,真的很難拿捏到好的角度還有光線來拍。我那時候才真正體會到要拍好照片,真的很不容易。不過整個過程也讓我學習良多,至少我明白了拍攝,真的是要配合天時地利人和,才能有好的照片。 Well, took me 2 days to convert and touch up all the RAWs to JPGs. And out of 250+ shots, only 10+ considered nice for me, not even 10% of them. >.< Haiz, need to practice more, I hope "Practice makes Perfect" works for me. 😛 Here are some random shots from the 200+ collection: 我用了整兩天的時間才把所有的照片整理完畢。在兩百多張的照片中,只有區區的十多張真正讓我覺得拍得還不錯,真的有點“囧”了。唉,希望以後多練習,多拍多看就能夠進步吧。:) 這裡就放上一部分的照片吧,多多指教: ID & Bear Pre-Wedding Shoots

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