July with Lavender

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9th of July, Saturday. I visited the Lavender Valley near the Hood River.

Although the flowers are not fully blooming yet, but the scent of Lavenders was everywhere. Walked into the flowers and enjoyed the soothing breeze of Lavenders… 🙂 The owner of this garden is a Taiwanese, relocated there for like 6 years and started the garden. Her neighbor also get a chance to sell her cherries in her garden. Sitting in the garden, enjoying the breeze, while eating the cherries, nice! 🙂

七月九日,星期六。美好的夏天周末,我到了这薰衣草谷,靠近胡德山下。虽然薰衣草都还没有完全开完,但是那里那里微风轻吹,凡走过都会闻到淡淡的薰衣草香,真的有点让人陶醉。这花园的主人是来自台湾的,所以也跟我的台湾同事蛮好谈一下。她在那里已经有六年了,一搬过去就在那里自己种起薰衣草来,还真的蛮成功。她隔壁的邻居也乘机在她那儿摆了一档卖樱桃,还蛮好吃的。坐在紫色的花丛中,吹着带有淡淡薰衣草香的微风,还吃着多汁美味的樱桃,真的不错!:) 相信喜欢薰衣草的人一定很喜欢在这里逗留上一整天。

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  • Hahn


    Farm life ain’t that bad eh. I somewhat missed fresh air.


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