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Snow War @ Summit

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10th December 2010, Friday. Today is not a working day for me. In fact, I was joining another department’s Team Building activities. You might feel weird why I had 2 team building events in the same quarter? The reason behind was kind of complicated. In short, the department that I am currently working under is different with this team building’s department. This department is the one that sponsoring my relocation fund. So, as long as it doesn’t make me to pay, no harm joining, right? 😛


Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

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22rd November 2010, Monday. Today I woke up in cold. And, I was shocked when I saw the road outside was covering in white! I didn’t notice the weather was so cold until I saw that the cars’ mirrors were all frosted. Well, the temperature was around 15 Fahrenheit, which is around -10 Celsius!