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Spring Shots!

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24th of March, Saturday. Unexpectedly sun is shining, temperature is just nice. Undeniably is a MUST-GO-OUT day. My camera has been ‘frozen’ for months, time to bring it out for some sunshine. 😛

Welcoming Spring with Snows

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21st of March, Wednesday. Today I worked until quite late in office. When I came out from the office, I was shocked. Why? Because my car became like this:

My car was frozen! And you can see the snow shower!

Seneca Village in Spring colour

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7th of April, Thursday. Back from work at around 6pm. Spring is here, so the day won’t be getting dark so fast. And since the weather today is so good, I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to take some photos of the my housing area over here. Trees start blooming all over the place, not sure those are cherry blossoms or not, some said yes some said no. :/ Anyway, they look really good. Somehow make you feel relax and happy when you came home. 🙂