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The Most Unique Road…

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Rowena Crest30th of June, Saturday. Today’s weather is cloudy, but still I wanted to relax myself a bit, so I visited this scenic state park of Oregon: Rowena Crest. It is actually the upper portion of Mayer State Park. From there you can see the scenic Columbia River Gorge as well. A very nice place to stroll around.

I also took the McCall Point Trail, hike like 2-3miles up the hill. I actually expecting to see some beautiful wild flowers along the trail, but too bad I was too late. The blooming season is over. 🙁 Only some purple flowers can be seen.

Oregon Scenic Drives

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Recently been so busy until now only got time to update my previous trip. =.=…
30th April, 2011. Saturday. A group of us decided to explore the Oregon’s historical and scenic areas by travelling through the scenic highway.