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Blazers vs. Rockets

Written by CooKies™. Posted in Misc

16th of November, Friday. Finally the long awaited game between Blazers and Rockets.
This is my first self-purchased NBA game that I specifically bought the tickets for, because of somebody wanted to see Jeremy Lin. :/
But this is really a good game. Blazers beat Houston with 111 : 108 in overtime quarter. First game ever for me to be sweated and getting excited even on the very last second. >.< Really GG! [gallery template="file-gallery" columns="5"] 十一月十六日,星期五。終於等到今天波特蘭開拓者對壘休斯頓火箭的籃球比賽了!這是我在這裡,第一次花錢自己去訂購籃球賽的入門票,為了某人要看火箭隊的林書豪。 :/ 不過,今天的比賽還真的很精彩!雖然一開始有點悶,不過後來當開拓者把分數拉近,再反敗為勝的那一刻,每個人都捏了把冷汗,全部人都站了起來,比賽更因為第四局打平而有了延長賽,氣氛簡直漲爆了整個會場,這裡波特蘭的支持者更是個個瘋狂大喊大叫,比跟我之前第一次看比賽的情況根本沒得比,真的是一場打得精彩的比賽!