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Autumn and Churches…

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13th November, Sunday. Today, after the church morning service, I went to Portland downtown again. Why? Just because that day on my way back, I found that there are actually a lot of nice churches in Portland. And, also to take some pictures of this nice Falls over here. This time I went to the South Park Blocks in Portland. It is actually within the PSU (Portland State University)’s central campus.

Go tell it on the mountain!

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24th Dec 2010, Friday. It’s Christmas Eve! First time being so relax for my Christmas. 😛 Always been busy for the last few years when coming to Christmas. Finally, the first Christmas in US. In fact, Christmas Eve is an important day for US people. I believe this is the day they’ll choose to gather at home, have a great dinner, exchanging presents, and enjoy their family moments. Well, it seems like I ain’t gonna have a “White Christmas” here because it’s not even snowing. But I did enjoy myself in this peaceful silent night. 🙂

The Journey to Jamaa

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5th December 2010, Sunday. Today as usual I went to the church for my Sunday Service. I was expecting pastor for his sermon on the “Honoring One Another” series, but I was wrong. After the last week’s “Forgiving One Another”, today is a special one. Indeed he didn’t preach much. What we experienced over there was a special journey into Africa. 🙂


The son that rises…

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14th November 2010, Sunday.
I woke up early in the morning and prepared myself for an important appointment. 🙂 Yea, I had an appointment with Him in this place: Sonrise Church.

星期日,十一月十四日。我一大早就起身準備要去赴約了。那是一個很重要的約會。對,就是與祂的約會。:) 在這個特別的地方:Sonrise Church。這間教會坐落在我家的對面街而已,不需要五分鐘就可以到了。當我駕入停車場時,就有個弟兄在指揮我方向。我想那應該就是他們的交通事工吧。我是出席早上九點的崇拜,八時三十分我已經到了。