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Lemon Butter Cake

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26th February, Saturday. Initially wanted to try baking a chocolate cake, but found this lemon butter cake recipe, which seems to be quite nice. So, I tried this out instead.


America’s New Year Cake

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Happy Chinese New Year 2011!
2nd February 2011, Wednesday. To celebrate CNY here, I made a cheese cake using my leftover American cheese that I bought.

The first failure in 2011…

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Year 2011, 1st of January, Saturday. I faced my first failure in this new year.

Mille Crepe

Yup, what you see here is a failed product of mine: Mille Crêpe. T.T Was challenging myself to make a cake celebrating the new year, and I chose Mille Crêpe because I really like the layering texture and the taste of it. But I failed. Firstly, the custard was too sticky, not sweet at all. That was why after that I added raisins for sweetening. Secondly, the layering was too thick, not nice at all. >.< What a miserable failure. But I told myself I'll surely try until I success in this year! But before that I have to 'swallow' this cake into my stomach first. T.T