I Believe…

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1st of April, Sunday. Today is the last day we can get free movie tickets from our company’s GPTW program. Everyone can get 4 free movie tickets. I claimed 2 tickets in the previous week on: “The Hunger Games“, and “John Carter“. Both also not really satisfying my ‘taste’. Then, today I claimed the last two tickets for this ‘amazing’ movie: “Mirror Mirror“. Amazing, because now only I know: Snow White is from India! 😛 Why? See the movie then you know.

Portland Baroque Orchestra

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25th of March, Sunday. Today I attended my first ever Orchestra @ Kaul Auditorium, Reed College. How I got the ticket? Well, I got it free from my colleagues because they were so lucky being selected for the GPTW event. Honestly, I always wanted to experience the real “Orchestra” feel since long time ago. I think it’s kind of hard to have this event back in Penang, now I got the chance, definitely I won’t miss this. 😉


Spring Shots!

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24th of March, Saturday. Unexpectedly sun is shining, temperature is just nice. Undeniably is a MUST-GO-OUT day. My camera has been ‘frozen’ for months, time to bring it out for some sunshine. 😛

Welcoming Spring with Snows

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21st of March, Wednesday. Today I worked until quite late in office. When I came out from the office, I was shocked. Why? Because my car became like this:

My car was frozen! And you can see the snow shower!

The Question for Pre-School

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Interesting Question

I saw this question circulating in Facebook for quite some time, never bother to try it until one day I was too free, and I tried it. =.= Honestly, really took me sometime to get the answer, almost like 15mins just keep on trying different solutions. End up the solution is sooooo simple, which is really ‘amazing’. >.< Try it and tell me how long you took to get the answer. 😉 常常在面子書上看到這個問題,但是都沒有去嘗試。直到有一天真的無聊了就試試看解答。結果,我真的花了蠻長的時間才知道答案。當我知道答案的當兒,還真的是又氣又好笑。=.= 因為實在太簡單了,而我竟然用了不懂幾十種的方程式去解答,實在太可笑了,果然越是想太多的人,就越難找到答案。試試看吧,讓我知道你花了多久的時間才知道答案。如果你花了超過一個小時,恭喜你,你真的“太聰明”了,所以聰明反被聰明誤。;)

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