GPTR 2012

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22nd August, Wednesday. Today we have our annual big event here: GPTR (Great Place to Run)! Again, I signed up for the 5K run like last year. However, due to having cold and not yet fully recover, I can’t really participate in the run. 🙁 So, instead of doing the run, I basically just go there for a walk and take some photos.


Chasing Milky Way

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Nice angle with milky way on top, but too bad not enough range17th of August, Friday. Tonight after having dinner with my boss from Penang, I decided to go Trillium Lake for another try of night photography. 🙂 Since my last visit, I always wanted to do more night photography, especially with milky way. So, without thinking twice, I packed my stuff and headed there straight away!


I felt ‘Penang’ here…

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Too hot for us!16th August, 2012. Thursday. I’ve been here in Oregon for a year and 9 months. But these whole week is a remarkable one. Why? Because just today, our temperature hits 97Fahrenheit (around 36 celsius)!

A Night in Trillium Lake

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13th of July, Friday. After last week’s experience on shooting stars, tonight I decided to go somewhere far away from city: Trillium Lake. 🙂 It’s almost a 2hour drive from my house, but since the weather is so nice, I should be able to get some good shots there.


Starry Starry Night

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6th of July, Friday. Feeling fresh even though it’s late night. In fact I was planning for a midnight stars shooting around Hillsboro. I never did this before. But just wanted to give it a try. This is what I got after standing for an hour in the midnight at some ‘unknown’ location around Old Cornelius Pass Road in Hillsboro. 🙂

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