Multnomah Falls

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20th February, Sunday. Today I followed my colleague went to the tallest waterfall in Oregon: Multnomah Falls.

According to wiki, Multnomah Falls is the third tallest waterfall in US. The total height of this waterfall is about 620 feet. It is located near the Columbia River Gorge. You can get a scenic view of the river from the top of the waterfall. To get to the top of the waterfall, you’ll need to climb up the hills like 1mile before you can reach there. Well, I’ve been quite a while didn’t exercise that much. Felt the toughness walking up the hills in fact. >.< Anyway, that was really a nice place to experience the falls, the splashes of water, the scenery, and the trails of course. 🙂

二月二十日,星期日。今天我又做了同事的電燈泡,到了俄勒岡最高的瀑布:摩特诺玛瀑布。根據維基,摩特诺玛瀑布是美國第三高的瀑布,總高度有620多尺,坐落在哥倫比亞河峽谷旁。如果從瀑布頂上觀看,可以看到整個哥倫比亞河的景觀。不過如果要到瀑布頂上,還必須要爬上一段長達一英里的山路才能。我也已經一段時間沒有爬山了,這次的爬山真的有點讓我覺得吃力。>.< 不過,還算蠻值得啦,一路上山可以享受到不錯的景色,瀑布,步道等,的確是個可以常來的好地方。 [hr color="gray"] After we came down from the hills, we felt the hungry already. My colleague suggested "Hot Pot City" for dinner. Actually there's nothing really special about the dinner, but there was an incident that embarrass me over there. The restaurant's boss saw my colleague is a Taiwanese, keep chatting with them, and suddenly asked my colleague about me, she was kind of wondering am I their son. =.=lll What?! That was really embarrassing. Hot Pot CityTomyam flavor

在下山過後,肚子都餓了。同事就建議到一間的火鍋店去吃晚餐。其實,這頓晚餐本來也沒什麼特別,就是發生了另外一件讓我很“囧”的事情。話說那火鍋店的老闆娘也是台灣人,而老闆是馬來西亞柔佛人。他們一見是同鄉就很多話談,一開始就問我的同事是否是台灣人,然後就看了我一下,懷疑地問他們,這位應該不是你們的兒子吧?囧!什麼應該?根本就不可能吧!=.=lll 就這樣,我就很不好意思地享用了我的晚餐。。。

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One day, CooKies received an assignment to make the best peanut butter in the world. Hence, he decided to runaway to this place: Hillsboro, OREGON in US, for an estimated of 365days to complete his assignment. There are a lot of tough nuts over there, but he believes that: "Tough nuts always make the best peanut butter!" :)

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  • NU


    haha….你真的有这么baby face吗? 你应该留些胡渣,让自己man一点,不然下一回又被人误会时,我怕你的同事会自捅…hehe….


    • CooKies™


      =.= 我也覺得不可能啊,應該是因為他看起來比較老成吧,:P 所以不關我的事。


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