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30th January, 2011. Sunday. Finally I made up my mind to explore the Portland downtown. 😉 Although now is winter time, but the temperature today is still acceptable for me to go explore around. Plus, is time for me to try out my Nexus S’s Navigation in the town. 😛 Without considering much, grabbed my camera, I drove myself to the nearest transit station, took the Trimet directly to the Portland Downtown area.

一月三十日,星期日。今天的天氣還算不錯,溫度也不會太冷。於是我就下定決心,獨自闖入市區去走走,也順便試用一下我新買的衛星導航手機。:P 我沒想太多,拿了相機就直接到附近的火車站,乘搭火車到市區去。

My first destination was Pioneer Courthouse Square. Really a nice place to slack. 😛 There is a Starbuck just beside it. Walking around and exploring the town. There weren’t much people around, due to winter season I guessed.

我的第一站就是這裡了:Pioneer Courthouse Square。是一個廣場的地方,人來人往,平常應該很多人也在這裡聚集談天,休息和觀看人流等。在附近走了一下,欣賞周圍的建築物,有些還蠻特別的。:)

After an hour of wandering, I finally came to my second destination: Waterfront Park. This place is really nice! Love the green fields, jogging tracks, and also the views. Stayed there for about an hour plus.

過了大約一個小時的溜達,我終於也來到第二個目的地:Waterfront Park。一個靠近河岸的公園。真的很喜歡這裡,青綠的草地,可以一面散步一面欣賞風景,還有很多的鳥類在草地徘徊,蠻寫意哦。我也在這裡附近走走,逗留了大約一個多小時。

Just before I left here for my next destination, I found this little girl standing on a small hill, smiling and gazing at the scenery in front of her. I quickly snapped down the moment. Now I suddenly felt that this shot was kind of ‘creepy’. A bit like a scene in some creepy movies. 😛 Didn’t you feel so?

The little girl


Here I reached the “Chinatown” in Portland. A bit disappointed. 🙁 Because there’s nothing really worth of exploring. But I still wandering around there for about half an hour. Didn’t see any Chinese over there, plus can’t even feel any CNY mood also. >.<

終於我也來到了這裡的“唐人街”,還真的有點失望。因為雖然靠近新年了,但是卻什麼新年氣氛也沒有!連個華人都沒看見!真的讓我出乎意料。>.< Well, that's almost the end of my trip for that day. Quite satisfied with the exploration. In fact I was a bit surprised with my Nexus S which able to perform very well when comes to walking navigation. 🙂 Will plan my next trip to Waterfront again in coming season. 好了,今天的探險就到這裡結束了,還算蠻滿意啦。尤其是手機的衛星導航系統,還蠻意外地能夠順暢運用來尋找到城市裡各個角落的路徑。而且對於Waterfront 公園,更是喜歡它的環境和風景,相信在春天或秋天時,風景會更加迷人。

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  • NU


    wah….nice shot….and the shot for little girl =.=!!! if u change the sky to purple + red then really “见鬼啊“…

    r u going to bird park ah? why so many birds and ducks…n I tot the “duck” beside the green head duck is 鸳鸯…

    Do u go to Jewish museum?


    • CooKies™


      The little girl, ahaha…changes sky colors not really scary, I could imagine the most scary part is she can turn her head around 360 without moving her body!~ hahahha…ok, don’t think too much, later nightmare. 😛
      Eh, that is Waterfront Park la, not bird park. =.=
      And, how you know got Jewish museum here? o.O I got no time to go there, coz the sky getting darker and going to rain. So, maybe next time lor. 🙂


  • Tea-whY


    waaa… yummy yummy….
    can catch one duck go back and roast….


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