When the Peacock lights up…

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After the dinner @ Nak Won Korean restaurant, we headed to the Peacock Lane in Portland. This was the ‘main dish’ of the night. Really amazed by the lightings that they put up on their house. By the way, it was indeed a very challenging task to take photos over there. Why? Because that night was soooooo cold! All of us were shivering while walking down the street. And, I finally knew that taking nice photos in dark situation like that was not an easy task. But I really enjoy seeing the decorations there. 🙂

Enjoy the photos! 😉

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One day, CooKies received an assignment to make the best peanut butter in the world. Hence, he decided to runaway to this place: Hillsboro, OREGON in US, for an estimated of 365days to complete his assignment. There are a lot of tough nuts over there, but he believes that: "Tough nuts always make the best peanut butter!" :)

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  • 卡珞


    “Peacock Lane” is very wonderful… 🙂
    Why didn’t see you in photos one… is it true that photographer always don’t like to show face?


    • CooKies™


      hehe, i am not sure for others, but I really prefer to stay low profile rather than showing my face everywhere. 😛 Anyway, you missed the second photo that got my face there oh.


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