Last Road Trip of 2012…

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12th of December, Wednesday. December is my favorite month, although it’s cold, chilly, rainy over here, still, I like December the most. 😛 Anyway, since this will be the last month I’ll be here in the states, I planned this very last road trip. Besides visiting some nice places, also taking this opportunity to visit some friends in CA. Starting from Hillsboro, drove almost 10 hours to Redwood National Park, San Jose, Santa Clara, all the way down to Los Angeles, visiting Universal Studio again (because of free entry on annual pass), and then stopped by Folsom, going up to Lake Tahoe, and then come back. 🙂

December RoadTrip Map

十二月十二日,星期三。十二月是我最喜歡的月份,雖然在這裡又冷又常下雨,但是我還是很喜歡。:P 無奈這個月將會是我在美國的最後一個月了,怎樣也應該再做多一次長途旅行吧。這次除了走走看看以外,也想趁機探訪一些久沒見面的朋友。於是,一大早從希爾斯伯勒出發,駕了差不多十二個小時的車程,經過紅杉國家公園,聖何塞,聖克拉拉,再過大索爾到洛杉磯,趁機再到環球影城玩一玩,過後回到福爾瑟姆,上去太浩湖,再回家,整個路程還真的驚喜連連。其中最有趣莫過於在大索爾的風景,真的是每一個轉彎都有很美麗的畫面,讓人驚嘆連連,不愧被國家地理旅行家雜誌列為一生必須遊覽的地方之一。我想我回去過後一定會很懷念這裡的一切。>.< Overall the trip was really great. Got a lot of surprises when we visited Big Sur, one of the listed Top 50 Tour of a Lifetime in National Geographic Travelers magazine. Really amazing. I guess I'll miss the scenic views over here. >.<

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One day, CooKies received an assignment to make the best peanut butter in the world. Hence, he decided to runaway to this place: Hillsboro, OREGON in US, for an estimated of 365days to complete his assignment. There are a lot of tough nuts over there, but he believes that: "Tough nuts always make the best peanut butter!" :)

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