The Journey of Wonders…

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22th of April, Sunday. This is the day, that we’re going to start our journey, yes, I called it Journey of Wonders. Why? Because we’re going to witness a lot of wonderful and amazing scenery along our journey. 🙂 Well, in fact, due to National Park Week, I sort of planned this trip in 2 days. 😛


Our trip spanned over 10 days, from 22th of April until 2nd of May. We crossed 7 states, drove over 4209 miles (I am the only driver =.=), explored 7 National Parks and State Parks, tempted in the Sin City, and then joined the Bersih 3.0 @ Los Angeles, strolled in San Francisco……and thank God we managed to reach home in one piece. 😛


The Travel Map

Basically, we traveled from Oregon -> Idaho -> Montana -> Wyoming -> Utah -> Arizona -> Nevada -> California -> back Oregon. Honestly, I am so glad I insisted to drive instead of taking flights. I would have missed so many amazing scenery along the journey that I don’t think I can see them by flights. 🙂

基本上,我們的旅程是從 俄勒岡 -> 愛達荷州 -> 蒙大拿 -> 怀俄明州 -> 猶他州 -> 亞利桑那 -> 內華達州 -> 加州 -> 回 俄勒岡。老實說,我還真的沒有後悔一個人駕了整差不多三天的路程,因為整個旅程真的讓我見識了很多,如果是坐飛機的話就肯定沒辦法享受到這些奇景了。:)

Tons of photos processed, took me days just to go through them, and here are some of my favorites, enjoy. 🙂


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    Awesome pictures and very nice trip!


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