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13th November, Sunday. Today, after the church morning service, I went to Portland downtown again. Why? Just because that day on my way back, I found that there are actually a lot of nice churches in Portland. And, also to take some pictures of this nice Falls over here. This time I went to the South Park Blocks in Portland. It is actually within the PSU (Portland State University)’s central campus.

As you can see, the park is simply awesome. It’s really nice just to walk aimlessly over the fallen leaves. There are quite some churches within the walking distance. I guess the most famous spot would be the Portland Art Museum. However, I am not really interested at those Art stuff. The only thing I missed was the Grace Bible Church that is just right ahead of where I parked my car. The old structure of the church, built up of stones, and the trees color around it matched just right in this season. 😉 Anyway, probably can explore downtown again next week. 😛

十一月十三日,星期日。今天早上崇拜過後,就心血來潮,下到了坡特蘭市中心去逛逛。其實,最主要是因為那天我從坡特蘭回來的途中,經過一個地區,看到有很多很特別的教會和建築物,而且有些地方在這秋天顯得更寫意和唯美,於是就試著去那裡拍些照片。這次我去的地區,其實就是一個小公園,是屬於坡特蘭城市大學區域的一部分。那裡真的實在太棒了。整齊排列的樹木,秋天散落滿地的落葉,加上休閒的椅子。。。這樣的景色真的太寫意了,不是嗎?;) 我在周圍逛了一逛,還真的發現了不少很特別的教會和建築物,其中最著名的應該就是坡特蘭的藝術博物館吧。不過,我對於博物館還沒什麼興趣。就可惜我在回家時才發現我錯過了一間很特別,用石頭建成的教會,尤其在這秋天更顯得很有“feel”。:P 嗯,下週末有空再去吧。

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