Multnomah Falls

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20th February, Sunday. Today I followed my colleague went to the tallest waterfall in Oregon: Multnomah Falls.

According to wiki, Multnomah Falls is the third tallest waterfall in US. The total height of this waterfall is about 620 feet. It is located near the Columbia River Gorge. You can get a scenic view of the river from the top of the waterfall. To get to the top of the waterfall, you’ll need to climb up the hills like 1mile before you can reach there. Well, I’ve been quite a while didn’t exercise that much. Felt the toughness walking up the hills in fact. >.< Anyway, that was really a nice place to experience the falls, the splashes of water, the scenery, and the trails of course. 🙂

Portland Downtown Trip

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30th January, 2011. Sunday. Finally I made up my mind to explore the Portland downtown. 😉 Although now is winter time, but the temperature today is still acceptable for me to go explore around. Plus, is time for me to try out my Nexus S’s Navigation in the town. 😛 Without considering much, grabbed my camera, I drove myself to the nearest transit station, took the Trimet directly to the Portland Downtown area.

一月三十日,星期日。今天的天氣還算不錯,溫度也不會太冷。於是我就下定決心,獨自闖入市區去走走,也順便試用一下我新買的衛星導航手機。:P 我沒想太多,拿了相機就直接到附近的火車站,乘搭火車到市區去。

Do you know Jack?

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22nd January, Saturday. The sun was shining brightly through the windows. What a good day. I decided to take this opportunity go out to explore around.

First, I need to find something ‘fast and easy’ to feed my stomach. I’d tried the KFC, A&W and Mcd, it’s time to try something else. I end up meeting with “Jack”. Well, he’s a shy guy I guess. I didn’t even got chance to see how he looks like! Really don’t know how he can be the founder of this fast food restaurant! 😛
(**Courtesy of Wiki, the real founder should be Robert O. Peterson)

When the Peacock lights up…

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