July with Lavenders again

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Personally love this shot4th of July, Wednesday. Finally a holiday for us! With no doubt, I took this opportunity to visit the farms and lakes around Oregon again. This time I visited the Lavender Farm in Hood River. That was around 1 hour 45 mins drive from Hillsboro. The view there was awesome due to the great sunny weather. Love the colors there! 🙂


The Lake of Oregon

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Crater Lake (panorama view)

27th of May, 2012. After so many National Parks, finally we decided to visit this awesome national park of Oregon: Crater Lake National Park. 🙂

五月二十七日,星期日。去過了那麼多其他州的國家公園後,今天我們來到了俄勒岡州著名的國家公園:火山口湖(Crater Lake)國家公園。

The Journey of Wonders…

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22th of April, Sunday. This is the day, that we’re going to start our journey, yes, I called it Journey of Wonders. Why? Because we’re going to witness a lot of wonderful and amazing scenery along our journey. 🙂 Well, in fact, due to National Park Week, I sort of planned this trip in 2 days. 😛


Spring Shots!

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24th of March, Saturday. Unexpectedly sun is shining, temperature is just nice. Undeniably is a MUST-GO-OUT day. My camera has been ‘frozen’ for months, time to bring it out for some sunshine. 😛

Autumn and Churches…

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13th November, Sunday. Today, after the church morning service, I went to Portland downtown again. Why? Just because that day on my way back, I found that there are actually a lot of nice churches in Portland. And, also to take some pictures of this nice Falls over here. This time I went to the South Park Blocks in Portland. It is actually within the PSU (Portland State University)’s central campus.